A strong focus on design & quality and an unquenchable thirst for innovation: those are the engines that make Quick-Step one of the leading players in the flooring industry. Quick-Step underlay is an absolute essential part of your new floor. Our underlay offers a leveling effect that smooths out all minor irregularities, making perfection the standard for your new floor. Our underlay has an important function with regard to thermal and acoustic insulation and offers protection against rising damp thanks to the DPM or damp-proof membrane.


Selecting carpet for residential environments represents a significant investment – colour, texture, style, fibre, construction and budget are important considerations, but the choice of cushion is one aspect of the decision that can have a huge impact on carpet performance. Dunlop Springtred is Australia’s premier domestic carpet cushion range, formulated to make carpet feel richer, thicker, softer and more luxurious. It also makes a significant difference to the durability of carpet – it’s a fact that quality carpet cushion such as Springtred can extend carpet life by up to 50%. Specifying Dunlop Springtred carpet cushion will not only offer its users the ultimate in quality and comfort, it will pay off by maximising your carpet investment over the long term.


Airstep is proud to announce its new range of foam underlays to the Australian market. From the entry point of Airstep Steplight to the sheer luxury of Airstep Stepmax, Airstep has all of your foam underlay needs covered. From our brand new Australian manufacturing facility we are producing the most technologically advanced foam underlays in Australia. Airstep’s foam underlay range is produced from 90% recycled material and is totally recyclable. Choosing the right underlay is an often overlooked element in completing a floor covering selection. Airstep foam underlays increase the longevity of your carpet, enhance its feel and assist with acoustic and thermal properties.

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