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We’re a Co-Operative. Not a franchise — so what does that mean?

Australian FloorStyle group started in 1984 as the ‘Blue Ribbon’ Group. Australian FloorStyle is a co-operative of independent flooring retailers that have joined together to network and to enjoy better pricing from suppliers. Today, 56 members operate 60 independent stores across Australia.

Flooring with a Passion

Australian FloorStyle is a co-operative of independent flooring retailers; it is not a franchise. It exists for the benefit of our members and as such, for the benefit of their customers. What sets Australian FloorStyle apart is that every store is independent and is able to buy and sell any product at any price. It offers its members the opportunity to conduct their business the way they want, and for their benefit. While there are guidelines, there are no hard and fast rules.

Since changing our name from Blue Ribbon in 1996, Australian FloorStyle has offered members exceptionally low joining costs and low membership fees. All profits in excess of operating costs are returned to members.

The group is managed by Leanne Drysdale, Australian FloorStyle’s General Manager and supported by the board of directors. The current Chairman is Brian Fitzsimmons of Alpha Floors in Roseville Chase in NSW.

Today, the board of directors also includes Brain Fitzsimmons, David Quilty, Martin Loy and John Elasi. Board members are elected by Australian FloorStyle members and serve three years, but invariably serve much longer terms. Their combined knowledge and understanding of the industry benefit both Australian FloorStyle and our members. Decisions are made democratically, and assets are used for mutual, rather than individual benefit.

Australian FloorStyle offers our members the advantage of great buying capacity; and great pricing through relationships with all of Australia’s major flooring suppliers. Members gain access to Australian FloorStyle’s range of bespoke products, manufactured on their behalf, largely in Australia. However, members can source product from whoever they please and so, their ability to offer any solution to their customers needs, is second to none.

Every member of Australian FloorStyle and everyone who serves on the board owns and operates their own independent flooring business and have full autonomy in how they operate.

Australian FloorStyle has been a successful company since the beginning and it thrives watching their membership numbers grow throughout Australia. Australian FloorStyle members service all types of clients both commercially and domestically in urban and regional areas of the country. Many stores have been serving their locals for generations! They are well-known in their local communities and of course, their sales mostly come through word-of-mouth references; the best reference you can achieve.

Australian FloorStyle is different from most of the other groups in the flooring industry, especially franchise models. Each of our members still manage their own business and continues to run it under their company name. They are committed to offering the best flooring service in their area and have the added advantage of maintaining their local identity. No-one works harder for locals, than locals. Australian FloorStyle members attest to uphold the highest level of Integrity, Ethics, Service and Standards.

New members pay an extremely small joining fee to become affiliate members. After twelve months, should they have met the co-operatives business criteria, they are invited by the board of directors to become accredited members and shareholders. All members are provided with support and networking opportunities, most importantly, there is always someone to talk to and offer guidance.

If you’re a flooring retailer, large or small, and want to have or maintain your own independence, however be part of a cooperative of likeminded individuals to achieve better pricing, access to quality suppliers and the opportunities of networking with other members, please call and have a chat.

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